Imagine Delivered

French75 is an innovative and technologically advanced film production company that allows clients to think BIG on a small budget.

We produce stunning, enlivened films that achieve cut-through in a saturated world.

We will take you down a structured creative path that will align our groundbreaking production techniques to your vision to create content to captivate your audience.

We continue to adopt the latest technologies and innovate in the way we use it to achieve BIG films with a small budget.

Remove the boundaries of your requirement and let us demonstrate how you can think bigger.

We use an industry standard post-production workflow to provide an efficient, flexible and robust editing service.

Whether we are delivering a broadcast quality standalone film, providing content that will seamlessly integrate with a wider project or we are consolidating content from other sources, we are perfectly placed to meet your needs.
Project Management

A structured production methodology means that whilst there are no boundaries to our imagination and your concept, we ensure that no detail gets missed and all work is managed according to a strict schedule

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