Film is perfectly suited

to social media and your website

It instantly grabs the attention and allows the audience to digest the content passively, with minimal effort on their part.  Whether it is used as part of an influencing strategy, a way to build your brand identity, by showing customers why you do what you do, or with a direct call to action, film will always outperform written word and imagery.


French75 is a targeted film creation company. 

We bring together a unique mix of marketing insight, focused creativity and production expertise, to deliver highly creative and cinematic films that are focused on very specific communication goals.


The production of a successful targeted film is a methodical process, totally reliant on four key disciplines, working together in unison and all focused on the communication objective.


Produced in the right way, film is the most powerful, emotional and efficient means of delivering information and influencing the largest audience in the shortest time period. 


With the cost of film production now reduced, if your marketing budget means you could create the right film content, then you probably should do it.


Each of these disciplines are mutually dependent on one another. ‘Marketing insight’ will define the communication requirement and provide the brief for the ‘focused creativity’, which in turn, can only be fully realised if the ‘technical innovation’ is fully explored in line with these creative ideas. 




As with any innovation, if you push the boundaries of the creativity and technical aspects, it increases the risk of failure. To mitigate these risks and keep control of the budget, effective and agile project management is vitally important to fully realise the creative opportunity, deliver the film on time and maximise the return on investment. When the budget is being used efficiently, there is greater scope to deliver more creatively for the client.



French75 cost-effectively combines all four of the core film making disciplines in one place, and in perfect, affordable, harmony. We can take your existing agency, or internally developed brand rules, along with your business development goals, and develop a creative vision that will produce powerful, innovative and compelling films, that will add value to your existing marketing strategy.

Advances in film production technology mean that, from a technical perspective, broadcast standard film output is within the marketing budget of an ever increasing proportion of businesses.

The flip side of this situation is that there are an ever increasing number of video production companies. A lot of videographers do not have the strategic insight to align their films with your marketing goals and are simply unable to achieve that high budget cinematic feel required to enhance your brand. To get this insight and creative input, you would typically have to work with a suitable marketing agency, to engage with a Creative Director. Their overheads drive the cost up to the point where it is not feasible for most SME’s to market with film…



You want a film that compliments every part of the track, a film that stands out, that delivers beyond the production budget, which provides an attention grabbing experience for your audience. We do all this, and with the added benefit of truly understanding how your video needs to fit in with the marketing requirements of both the track and the artist.

We can help you understand or develop the persona of the artist and establish how best to engage with a specific target audience, to maximise the return on the investment.

Use the video creation process to maximise the marketing potential, with additional behind the scenes footage and a ‘making of’ documentary that will make the artist more accessible for the audience. This can all be packaged up with targeted trailers that can be drip-fed out to social media followers, over an extended period, to maximise the views.


Film is powerful

You can motivate an audience to instantly pay attention, inspire them to take action, make them laugh, cry, or be scared (in any order), or you can just simply explain that ‘thing’ that is very complicated about what you do, to make it less intimidating.

Here are a few of the things that we can deliver creative concepts for:

meet the STRATEGIC team



  • Proposition/benefit overview

  • Aspirational lifestyle story 

  • Parody

  • Need identification


  • 'Why you do what you do' documentary

  • Heritage documentary

  • Values documentary

  • Culture documentary

demo/explainer film

  • Customer Journey

  • Product Demo

  • App Demo

  • Software Demo

  • Business Process Demo

  • Computer graphics / software screen capture integration


  • Persona Development

  • Marketing led persona establishing video strategy

  • Narrative based short film

  • Performance based video

  • Making-of documentary

  • Social media teaser content

  • Artist portrait and publicity photos in line with persona strategy



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I want to make my audience forget themselves; whether it’s for 30 seconds or 2 hours, I want to take them to another world. I started out with not much direction in life, but both film and music stood out to me. As I studied Creative Music Technology, at Bath Spa University, it was eventually the film theory parts of the course that resonated with me the most. It made me realise that I had been dissecting and understanding every film I had ever watched, from my early memories of the Matrix, through to my all time favourite, 'The Iron Giant’.


The three years between University and French75 were spent honing my film creation and culminated with the proudest moment of my life, when I was interviewed on the BBC for my short film ‘Whatever the Weather’. I knew then that telling stories through film was everything that I wanted.

Whilst I am now on the road to making feature films, every short film, documentary and advert is a chance to come up with unique and beautiful ideas. If I can make a music video for Alt J along the way, I will be incredibly happy


When I’m not working, I’m reading, making music and watching Tottenham Hotspurs.

"I'm having a good


Wayne's World



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I have spent the last eighteen years delivering marketing service solutions and consultancy for some of the UK’s most recognisable brands. I have always had a passion for film and have been involved with amateur film production outside of the work situation for the last ten years.


I recognised that the direct marketing industry was changing and how social media and the electronic channels began to compete for the same marketing budget. I also realised that the project management disciplines and marketing insight that I had built up was now applicable to how film should be created and used in marketing strategies.


As I gained more insight into the film industry I realised that there was huge amount of waste, largely due to lack of process and there was an opportunity to save money.


So, three years ago, I decided to learn how it is done and use my boring project management and workflow experience to bring structure and strategy to the amazing creative talents that I had been working with.


One of the most amazing revelations in my life has been understanding that being a nerd actually has a massive place in a creative process and allows the artistic vision to shine brighter (as long as you are alongside creative genius’ of course).

I get to make films for a living!

I couldn't afford a 


North By


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