Whilst the effectiveness of film as a marketing tool may be fully understood, and you have probably seen films you like and will have an idea of what will work for you, it can still be a complicated and daunting task to get good quality film produced and in to your marketing mix.

French75 has a team in place that provides all of the skills required. We take your customer proposition, business development goals and brand strategy and work with you to establish the key deliverables that need to be achieved within a film. We can also work with you to create a deployment and measurement strategy, that will ensure that you reach your intended audience and that you have the data to prove it.


We like to help you consider what will be the most effective use of film for your organisation, where you will see the greatest return on investment and how can you ensure that you are measuring these benefits.


It is a phrase that is over used, but there is no other way of saying it; we provide a free of charge, initial workshop session to achieve three things:​





The ‘film flow’ is a step-by-step overview of the narrative. This provides sufficient information for the communication goals to be adequately explained. The flow will also detail how each element supports the communication strategy. In some instances, the flow will be used to plan the shot list and complete the film shoot.  Where complex detail and/or cinematography/actor direction is required, French75 will prepare a storyboard for these elements, or for the entire film. The flow is used to sign-off the full narrative and communication goals prior to production.


Once we have ascertained the key criteria by which the creative process will be shaped, French75 will develop creative ideas that we will present to the client as a creative treatment. The treatment/s, will describe the narrative of each proposed piece. We tell you the inspiration and motivation for why it has been selected and how it applies to the design criteria. This will source reference material and provide comprehensive imagery to provide an understanding of the aesthetic that is being utilised.


To provide you with a firm understanding of the proposed aesthetic and energy of the film, French75 will provide a conceptual edit. The conceptual edit is made of stock footage that will convey the required visual elements. Where special effects and editing techniques are being used, French75 will incorporate representative clips within the edit. Where possible we will also provide comparable colour grading. The conceptual edit forms part of the pre-production sign off to ensure that everybody involved is aware of the aesthetic goals.




Once we have understood your marketing strategy and analysed the current objectives, we can take you through the merits of each of the approaches and styles within this context.

We can help you make a decision on what the best way forward will be.

By creating a firm plan prior to getting our creative team involved, we use their time efficiently.  We only apply their creative genius, to targeted areas, which means we save their time and we can pass on this cost saving to our clients.


Before we set our creative team loose on you, we like to work through some objective things first, so that our team can bring maximum creativity within a very focused area.


Some of our clients already have a firm idea of how to translate their marketing goals into on screen storytelling and will tell us exactly what they want.  However, we also appreciate that just because there is a world class marketing strategy in place, that is working well, the team doesn’t always include the disciplines that are needed to create a strategic brief for film creation.


This is, again, where French75 can add value.  The workshop session can be used to work through the following aspects with you:

  • Your brand values

  • Your culture

  • Your tone of voice

  • The target audience

  • The USP’s and overall proposition

  • The primary, secondary and additional call to actions

  • The future strategic goals of your organisation (how we can ensure the films remain ‘evergreen‘).


A film has a shape and a rhythm just like a song does. Knowing how to complement the visual shape of your film with the auditory shape of a soundtrack, is an often overlooked skill, but it’s one that can make or break the effectiveness of the communication objective. Big objects need big bass. Small objects need delicacy, intricacy, finesse. Fast movement or swift cutting needs a quick tempo.


The emotion of the audience is directly affected by the rises and falls within the soundtrack and therefore where the budget is available, you should build a music score around the visual narrative to accentuate the respective parts. In a perfect world, the film director and music director will feed off each other and create a coordinated assault on the senses.

There is also a huge brand perception to music and an audience will instinctively hear how good a piece of music is and on a subconscious level, this will affect their perception of the story and any brand that is associated with it. It is therefore essential to use music of calibre that adequately represents your brand, and unfortunately this is where we meet the second big catch of trying to reduce the cost of film production.



With one foot firmly in music video production, French75 understands how to create a film that leverages existing music.   We have used this understanding to develop a methodology for selecting and exploiting stock music during film conceptualisation.

We look at the pace and tone of voice of the film and present suitable music options within various budget levels to the client, with a view on the merits of each.  Once the music is selected, we will then analyse and map out the ‘emotional journey’ of the music and align this specifically with key aspects of the narrative.  This ensures that both the audio and visual aspects are in complete synergy and that the communication is optimised.

Good quality stock music within any genre is now available at a realistic licensing price and the French75 methodology will provide a cost effective solution for using it that will enhance your brand.

French75 will guide you through the appropriate licensing requirements for your marketing strategy.


Music that will be perceived as good quality and that is commissioned specifically for your narrative would be expensive and for a lower budget production this can be disproportionately high.  You can have a world class visual experience that beautifully carries the audience through the narrative at the right price, but music of cinema quality would end up costing a lot more.



The storyboard is a tool that is used to communicate the intended on screen action via pictures and description:


During conceptualisation and development, the storyboard is used to visualise elements of the action for each production department, so that we can collaborate between on screen action and incorporate camera movement, editing techniques and special effects that will add value.

During the development phase, it is also an important tool to ensure that there is a firm understanding of the visual direction for the client and the storyboard can be used for this purpose. 



Project Management


Storyboards are used for complicated scenes requiring extensive set-up of lighting, talent movement, set-dressing and camera mounting/movement.  For simple scenes, we rely on simple top down stage diagrams and spoken direction in order to keep costs to a minimum for our clients.

Storyboarding is a time consuming and therefore costly function within a film’s production and part of our strategy is to use this tool only where it is needed.  During the conceptualisation phase we make extensive use of ‘conceptual edit’ films (see previous section) to explain the action to our clients. Only where there is complex action that is key to the communication objectives do we advocate the use of storyboards to agree specific goals.  This is another part of our strategy for keeping the cost of the film production down and making the production process more efficient.


A structured production methodology means that whilst there are no boundaries to our imagination and your concept, we ensure that no detail gets missed and all work is managed according to a firm schedule.

From the initial meeting we will seek to understand where the project fits in to your marketing strategy and we will proactively use our experience and expertise to ensure that the budget is optimised and that every foreseeable risk is mitigated.

The French75 team has long-term experience within marketing services and the management of production processes linked to marketing goals.  Whether we are producing a standalone film, or you are seeking an organisation that can project manage multiple elements to seamlessly create a finished product, we will deliver.

From the initial meeting we will assign an account manager who will provide you with a single point of contact for the duration of the project.  The account manager will coordinate access to the appropriate technical and creative experts at French75, as required.   At every step of the way we will ensure that your project is on track and that it is meeting your quality expectations.

We understand that producing targeted films can be a big step for an organisation and we will ensure that the end product meets all of the agreed delivery criteria.


French75 was born out of a passion to make great films for less. As with most industries, the evolution of film technology has accelerated massively over the last few years, and like other industries, innovators like French75 are beginning to challenge conventional thinking in film production. Through the emergence of reduced costs within computing power, camera equipment, active stability for cameras and remote aerial filming, the opportunities to massively reduce the cost of filming whilst maintaining or surpassing broadcast quality are huge. By establishing a constantly evolving production methodology that fully exploits the latest available technology, we provide the creative freedom previously only available to large budget film directors for a fraction of the cost.


Our production expertise covers

the following areas:

Post Production


Innovative use of technology and a passion for how it is used to increase the impact of filming and optimise the workflow, is at the heart of what French75 is about. Our in-house directors are uniquely positioned to exploit these innovations to imagine beautiful, creative and cost effective films.


For every project we have the very best crew available. As well as a dedicated in-house team, we have the ability to scale-up through long-term existing relationships with some of the best technical talent available, across all disciplines.


We use the latest cutting edge camera equipment meaning we are able to deliver the appropriate feel for any video and bring new perspectives, using stabilised mounts and mobile platforms, to ensure we can capture the perfect immersive shots. We will use the optimum equipment for your project and budget, to ensure that we achieve the quality and feel you want, without wasting a penny of your money.



We use an industry standard post-production workflow incorporating Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve™ to provide an efficient, flexible and robust editing and colour grading service. Whether we are delivering a broadcast quality stand-alone film, providing content that will seamlessly integrate with a wider project or we are consolidating content from other sources, we are perfectly placed to meet your needs.


During production the priority within filming is to capture the best quality image. A necessary part of this process is to capture the footage in a flat or neutral colour profile.  The final finished colour is therefore only able to be seen after the process of colour grading has taken place.


The intended colour and aesthetic look of the film will be established within the creative sign off during conceptualisation and the film will be colour graded to meet this finished standard as a final process.


French75 deliver colour accurate output for product representation. We also have extensive experience of delivering custom aesthetic looks


Where a film will be going through a number of draft deliveries for approval, of various content aspects, it is normally more practical to deliver these draft films without colour grading.  However, we also recognise that senior stakeholders outside of the process may need visibility during the sign-off phase and we can discuss delivering early drafts that are fully colour graded, if required.

File Preparation

From the start of the process we will ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the intended use of the film and we will optimise the final files for their intended end use (broadcast, online, exhibition, large screen etc).

Sound Design

Film is not just a visual means of communication. To engage your audience emotionally, sound has to be leveraged.  In combination with the music selection and the rest of the audio/visual journey, French75 has in-house expertise to maximise the use of sound effects ('foley') and added ambient sound to heighten this experience. 

Special Effects (VFX and CGI)

French75 have always looked to innovate in both the use of practical effects, to embellish the visual experience for the audience, and also the use of Visual Special Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Graphics (CGI), to move outside of what is physically achievable.


However, realistic and brand enhancing, VFX and CGI can be disproportionately and prohibitively expensive for use in lower budget productions, due to the extensive person hours required in their creation.  French75 prefers to make innovative use of practical effects in conjunction with, VFX and CGI to increase the cost efficiency.  Interestingly, large scale cinema productions are moving towards this approach for both artistic reasons and cost.  Films can become quite sterile when they are overly reliant on computer generated effects and audiences are responding more favourably to films that incorporate live ‘embellished’ action where possible.


French75 does have the in-house skills to work with special effects if the narrative and strategic approach to the communication supports the use and the budget is available.


Accurate brand representation is essential within all of your marketing collateral and French75 is able to advise and assist with how this is achieved for your films.  Film presents an opportunity to bring your branding to life on the screen and it may be possible to bring dynamic movement and animation to your existing logo and branding.  French75 can guide your organisation through a step-by-step process of how to achieve this, ensure that it is future proof and as cost effective as possible.

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